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Helping others with compassion and dignity.
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Agency History and Treatment Philosophy

The Children’s Continuum of Care (CCoC) is a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) agency whose goal is to provide high quality behavioral and mental health services that are accessible and affordable. CCoC was started in 2006 by a group of dedicated behavioral and mental health care professionals in Camden County. In their work, they became keenly aware of the lack of needed supports available to their youth and families, and decided to form an agency dedicated to meeting those needs by developing these essential services themselves.

Since its inception, CCoC has provided in-home services such as therapy, behavioral assistance, and mentoring. Most recently, CCoC has worked diligently to expand their services throughout the Southern Region of New Jersey, with the addition of a statewide DCP&P contract, evidence-based therapeutic services, as well as expanding its service menu to include specialized evaluations.

CCoC believes that every person is a unique individual with different needs and desires who deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. All services are offered without regard to age, sex, race, religion, ethnicity, disability or sexual preference, and are based on the principles of normalization and respect for client rights. Services are delivered in a manner that is individualized, accessible, and strength-based. CCoC is committed to providing solution-focused services at the most appropriate and least restrictive level of care.

Our Goals

Our service goals include assisting the child/youth and parent/caregiver to develop new skills to address their specific needs. We also work to educate the family regarding behavioral health challenges and support their treatment goals. Children’s Continuum of Care is ultimately focused on providing the child/youth, family, and parent/caregiver with consistency along their continuum of care.

Mission Statement, Values, Culture, and Guiding Principles
Mission Statement
Behavioral in-home care continually transforming lives.
Values and Culture
  • We are exemplary business professionals who recognize perseverance, innovativeness, conscientiousness, teamwork, and versatility are necessary to achieve established goals.
  • We believe that all children and families are resilient, and can flourish and benefit from effective, quality skills and resources, moving them toward self-sufficiency.
  • We value the children and families we serve, system partners, ourselves, our families, fellow team members, and board members, and view each and every member of our agency as a respected and valued partner with unique dreams, needs, and objectives.
  • Our process is built upon family culture, values, strengths, and preferences, with families serving as equal partners in the service planning and delivery process.
Guiding Principles
  • Every success of every child and family being served is important and can be built upon to afford other children and families the greatest opportunity to reach their fullest potential and to be self-empowered.
  • All aspects of the CCoC operations are built on the strengths and assets of children, families, organizations, and communities throughout Counties of New Jersey.
  • The CCoC ensures accessibility for all services (time, location, and language), and have services available to families as close to their homes/communities as possible.
  • The CCoC ensures that children, families, communities, and the organizations/resources that serve them to understand the importance of finding and creating innovative solutions to the challenges that face children with emotional and behavioral challenges.
  • The CCoC is accountable for forming working partnerships with families and all other stakeholders in the delivery of services to the children, families, and communities throughout Counties of New Jersey.
  • The CCoC develops Treatment Plans that are goal-directed, and responsibilities, agreements, and expectations for services are established at the onset of service planning and continually reviewed and updated based on the evolving needs and preferences of children and families.
  • Quality improvement and consumer satisfaction drive the planning and delivery of the CCoC services.
  • Parents/guardians (including caregivers/significant persons in the child’s life) are equal partners with the CCoC in the planning and monitoring of services.
  • Services to families and children are comprehensive and available to all family members.
  • The CCoC ensures that families are treated with respect and are supported while being served.
  • The CCoC advocates for families with various levels of need, including the need for preventive and early intervention services for families within their communities.
  • The CCoC has sufficient crisis response community options to meet the needs of the children and families it serves.
  • The CCoC advocates for system change at the macro level, and the integration and coordination across departments or systems at the local level.
  • The CCoC ensures there is a mutual education process for children, families, communities, organizations, and the CCOC to reach optimal outcomes for children and families.
  • The CCoC participates in the development of creative, innovative solutions and new services, resources based on the needs and preferences of children and families throughout Counties of New Jersey.
  • The CCoC will dedicate itself to “constant and never-ending improvement.”
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